UX Design

The Design Sprint is part of a trend of the current web: continuously improving the User Experience (UX) and specifically the User Centered Design (UCD).

Today, to stand out from the competition, the key is to take special care developing the User Experience (UX). The application is only part of a much larger sequence:

Sally was watching TV and saw an ad for Zalando with the dress of her dreams: she grabs her iPad and connects to the website, checks the dress carefully and buys it. She will receive it at home two days later in a nice colorful box.

This experience combines the visual and the soundtrack of the TV ad, the simplicity of order on the site, the impatient waiting to receive her package at home and Sally's pleasure to try on her new dress

To visualise this experience, like a TV show's writer would do, requires a perfect knowledge of its target audience : The slightest bug can lead to the failure of the overall process.

This is probably the real challenge of  a Design Sprint : Understanding the needs of your future users : what are the key features of the App ? what will make your user validate the purchase ?

Companies active in a digital world must continually reinvent themselves and strive to do better than the competition. The design , to be effective , must be tested very early on real users . Putting the product in the hands of neutral and objective users can quickly identify their qualities and weaknesses.

The huge advantage of Design Sprint is that in a few days, a prototype will be created and tested , with no code having been written .

In the end, a real time saver and the unique possibility of having been mistaken without too much of consequence. Don't forget, the prototype is a TEST, not the real product!

UI Design

The term UI ( for User Interface) defines the GUI with which the user interacts . Graphics, colors, typography, information architecture , size of the elements and animations will play an important part in the success of an application.

Some of the finest examples of User Interfaces are visible on Dribbble collaborative platform that brings together thousands of renowned designers and illustrators.

A large section of experts of UX and UI design focus on realizing wireframes (basic mockups in black and white) for judging an interface on rational and not emotional criteria. This scientific approach is ideal for complex projects that require great ergonomics and information architecture work. Typically, an intranet, or a news website.

On the contrary, for emotional projects, such as the site of a marketing campaign , or a showcase site, we will seek  to validate the efficacy and the "wow" factor. In this case, the Sprint Design and its more empirical approach will be the ideal tool . Unlike a low- fidelity wireframe we will strive to get the app to you as quickly as possible: by integrating visual , colors , logo and your graphical charter.