The Design Sprint

What is a Design Sprint?

Originally developed by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a "greatest hit" of business strategy, design thinking, and user centered design.

The idea is actually very simple. Accomplish work that can sometimes last for months in just 5 days. This unique methodology allows complex user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) problems to be solved through creative problem solving and prototyping. At the end of the Sprint, we will produce a deliverable of great value: the clickable prototype of your future application.

In 2016 the Design Sprint was already used internally at Google and within cutting edge companies such as Uber, Medium, or Slack.

Nowadays a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and organisations are using Design Sprint to find answers to critical problems or initiate strategical projects or products.  Examples include Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon IBM, NASA, L'Oreal, Lego, Walmart, Home Depot, KLM, Airbnb, BBC, Le Monde.

Sprintstories website compiles a large number of case studies presenting results from Design Sprints.

In Switzerland we have worked with big names such as Swiss Re insurance, Kudelski, Romande Energie, Swisscom, EPFL, Retraites Populaires, Autodesk... Learn more about our clients.

Accelerate Lean Design

Lean Design's principles emphasize the rapid construction of a product, to be launched and tested by its users. Feedback will be integrated and version 1.2 of the product will be improved. Although this approach  is excellent and has the merit to increase product's value, such cycles can take time, especially at the coding stage. The Design Sprint takes a very similar idea, but the clickable prototype leapfrogs the code, resulting in significant time savings.
The ROI of Design Sprint

The ROI of Design Sprint

Can we quantify the return on investment (ROI) of a Design Sprint? Discover how this methodology allows substantial savings and adds value to your product. We live in an exciting time, digital business transformation is on ...

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A new way to collaborate

A new way to collaborate

Too often, the relationship between a client and its agency boils down to the classic setup of decision maker and performer. This proven model has, however, largely demonstrated weaknesses in the areas of web and digital. ...

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Are you ready for a Design Sprint?

Are you ready for a Design Sprint?

Are you a big company seeking to integrate the speed and responsiveness of startups in your process? You know your different hierarchical levels and validation procedures hinder you in developing your products. By integrating a few ...

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Why Design Sprint?

  •  Get an immediate result
  •  Test the potential of your concept without investing in code
  •  Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
  •  Limit the risk level and be able to pivot your project if needed
  •  Maximize your return on investment
  •  Wow your investors or key stakeholders and get their buy-in

Let's organize ⚡your Design Sprint⚡