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The Design Sprint Quarter

The Design Sprint Quarter, a clear path from Design Sprint to Execution

For the last four years, we have run Design Sprints with more than 50 major corporates and organisations in various fields and industries. Our clients have been convinced by the outcomes of the Google Venture five-day Design Sprint and came back asking how they could integrate it into their innovation roadmap. The Design Sprint Quarter is a three-month process bridging the gap from an initial design sprint to execution.

Instead of trying to get the budget for the entire project, budget initially only for the first three months, with the possibility of stopping after the first Sprint if the product concept fails. With Design Sprint Quarter we can guarantee that if the concept has a potential, something will be released after 3 months and presented to the general public.

The Design Sprint is currently used internally at Google and within some cutting edge companies such as Uber, Medium, Slack, Facebook, the New York Times, Twitter, Lego, Axa, Dropbox, AirBnb…