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Design Sprint

3 months

We have developed a strategy to integrate the Design Sprint into your organization and boost up your innovation process. This combines our experience of 10+ years of product design and what we have learnt running intensive weeks of Sprint with major corporates.

Design Sprint

5 days

The five days Sprint is the variation recommended by Google Ventures. This is the perfect package for a company initiating the design phase of a digital product. Five users will be invited at the end of the Sprint for testing.

Design Sprint

1 day

Why not integrating Design Sprint as part of your workflow? In this variation, We will coach your team to accomplish its first "mini" Design Sprint. The Sprint Training is also a great introduction to the tools and mindset of User experience and Human Centered Design.


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You probably have a lot of questions. Which is totally normal!
In order to define if the Design Sprint is the right solution for your company or your project and answer all your questions, Steph Cruchon, our UX lead and CEO offers a free, no-obligation, personal consultancy.

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Why Design Sprint?

  •  Get an immediate result
  •  Test the potential of your concept without investing in code
  •  Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
  •  Limit the risk level and be able to pivot your project if needed
  •  Maximize your return on investment
  •  Wow your investors or key stakeholders and get their buy-in

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