We live in an exciting time, digital business transformation
is on and the established order is shaken up. New models of disruptive startups such as Uber , Airbnb, Netflix or Spotify are reinventing entire industries.

It is in this tense and hyper competitive context that companies must update their digital tools, with high stakes involved.

Creating a new website, a mobile application, innovating with a radically new product … All these projects take time, require very specific skills and a substantial investment.

Originally developed by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a compendium of business strategy, design thinking, and user centered design.

The idea is actually very simple. Accomplish in five days work that can sometimes last for months.

The Design Sprint is currently used internally at Google and within some cutting edge companies such as Uber, Medium, or Slack.


We recommend the full 5-day Design Sprint to guarantee the best ROI, though depending on the internal resources of the client, maturity of the team and the project we adapt our process.

In some cases, when the challenge does not require a complete Design Sprint we propose a follow-up 3-4 days Design Sprint


Simply contact us via chat or [email protected]

NOTE: To secure your desired dates, we recommend you book your Design Sprint at least two months in advance.


  • Define and prioritise problems and challenges
  • Generate new ideas and test best concepts
  • Vote for the best ideas in an unbiased way
  • Empower your employees


Sprint master Design Sprint facilitator Steph Cruchon
  • 5-Day Design Sprint Workshop
  • Facilitation by an expert Sprintmaster
  • High fidelity prototype by a UX/UI designer
  • 5 users tests (1:1) or remote


Prototype Design Sprint and Time Timer
  • Team Alignment
  • First realistic prototype of best ideas
  • Scorecard with results of the user tests
  • Test the potential of your concept without investing in building the solution