Day 1 - Understand

The first day of Design Sprint is dedicated to understanding the project . This is an opportunity for members of the team to " unpack " all they know. Very often the expertise of the members of the same firm are very asymmetrical. (Think about Marketing and Engineers). This is the opportunity to gather everyone's knowledge and define the objectives of the prototype.

On the first day we analyze the available data analytics, define personas (user profiles) , will create a user or customer journey, quickly analyze the competition (benchmarking) and will evaluate the qualities and weaknesses of the current existing app (if any). At the end of the day, a strategy will be defined that will serve as a guiding thread for the next steps.

Schedule of the 1st day

The first day of Sprint brings together different workshops :

  • Introduction
  • Sprint Goals
  • Vision
  • Analysis of existing data
  • Benchmarking competition
  • Defining the Problem
  • Personas
  • User journey
Design Sprint Map