Together we’ll design, prototype and test your future website or mobile app in just 5 days.

A new approach to digital design in Western Switzerland

The Design Sprint is an innovative methodology developed by the UX specialists of Google Ventures.  It allows you to accelerate and simplify the design process of a digital product.

Together, in five days, we will follow the path of the best startups in California and lay the foundations of your future website or mobile application. In a friendly and creative atmosphere.

Exchange ideas in co-creation workshops, outline solutions and design interfaces will allow us, at the end of the week, to build the clickable prototype of your future application.

Quickly, you get a concrete and measurable outcome, allowing you to validate your concept and to test it on real users. With the prototype, you convince your investors, reduce risks, avoid developing unnecessary features and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Stéphane Cruchon web / UX / UI designer consultant

Stéphane Cruchon, Designer Consultant en User Experience (UX) et Interface (UI) 

is the first organizer of Design Sprints in Switzerland. He works with startups and big companies in the regions of Lausanne (EPFL), Geneva, across Switzerland and France. Passionate about digital, he has more than 10 years of experience in agencies, crafting website and designing apps. He will accompany you throughout the process: from idea to prototype.

Tamara Garavelli interactive media designer UX UI - motion designer

Tamara Garavelli, Interactive Media Designer.

After 4 years of study in digital design and challenging experiences at M&C Saatchi, Mediaprofil and Swissquote Bank, Tamara joins Design Sprint in 2017. Highly versatile, she can work on a wide variety of projects including UX / UI video or motion design.


The Design Sprint methodology

Thanks to timeboxing, the Design Sprint condenses into five days a process that can sometimes drag on for months. The client is actively involved in the first days of the sprint (workshops). Day 4 is devoted to Prototyping and can be performed remotely. On day 5 we will invite users to test our prototype and take advantage of their feedback to assess the potential of your product.

The ROI of Design Sprint

The ROI of Design Sprint

Can we quantify the return on investment (ROI) of a Design Sprint? Discover how this methodology allows substantial savings and adds value to your product: We live in an exciting time, digital business transformation is on ...

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A new way to collaborate

A new way to collaborate

Too often, the relationship between a client and its agency boils down to the classic decisions maker – performer. This proven model has, however, largely demonstrated weaknesses in the areas of web and digital. The Design Sprint ...

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Are you ready for a Design Sprint?

Are you ready for a Design Sprint?

Are you a big company and seek to integrate the speed and responsiveness of startups in your process? You know your different hierarchical levels and validation procedures hinder you in developing your products. By integrating a ...

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“The most common estimate is that it’s 100 times cheaper to make a change before any code has been written than it is to wait until after the implementation is complete.”

Jakob Nielsen

Why Design Sprint?

  •  Get an immediate result
  •  Test the potential of your app without investing into code
  •  Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
  •  Limit the risk level and be able to reorientate your project if needed
  •  Maximize your return on investment
  •  Wow your investors or key stakeholders and get their buy-in

Let’s organize your Design Sprint